See if your organization qualifies

Check all that apply to your organization and program

SECTION 1: Age and Characteristics of Persons Served (Click for details)

Does your program:
Seek to support the needs of under-served young persons between the ages of 9 and 25?
We need a YES for you to proceed to Section Two.

SECTION 2: Characteristics of your Program’s Need (Click for details)

Is the need for which you are seeking funds:
A new program for your organization?
An expansion of a tested program which seeks to spread to new areas?
A stabilization effort for a program started in the last three years?
A rescue of a faltering program which needs funds temporarily to get back on its feet?
We need at least one YES for you to proceed to Section Three

SECTION 3: Program Content Questions (Click for details)

Does your program:
Involve young persons in the planning and/or execution of the program?
Encourage initiatives, or innovative and experimental existing programs, which empower youth, cultivate skills, and encourage healthy living?
Equip youth with Leadership Training?

SECTION 4:Financial and Geographic Questions (Click for details)

Is your program for youth living in Massachusetts east of Worcester County?
Do you or your fiscal agent have an IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt status?
Will our grant monies go to supporting human talent rather than buildings or overhead costs?
Can you provide a detailed program budget sheet?
Is the program budget less than $350,000?
If your program is sponsored by a larger organization, can you provide a budget sheet for that larger organization?

If you have answered with at least one YES each in Sections One, Two, and Three, and YES to all seven questions in Section Four, congratulations. You may now proceed to our Grant Application Form by clicking the link below or by calling the administrator at 617-482-5328 and requesting that the form be sent to you by mail.