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General Guidelines

The following guidelines for grants reflect the Society’s principal areas of interest.

The Church Home Society supports grant requests that:

SUPPORT the needs of under-served young persons between the ages of 9 and 25

EMPOWER youth through cultivating skills and encouraging healthy living

INVOLVE young persons in all aspects of the planning and execution process

TEST new and innovative initiatives

EXPAND, STABILIZE, OR RESCUE an existing program

RESPECT the Christian worldview of honoring love and reconciliation. This includes funding of faith-based and non-faith based organizations.

PRIORITIZE funding for human talent

Areas of special interest

Examples of specific areas of interest to the Society include:

  • Programs based in or originating from Episcopal parishes
  • Leadership, skill training, and youth empowerment programs
  • Service-oriented, community-building projects
  • Vocational assistance programs
  • Programs that promote healthy living in body, mind and spirit
  • Programs that promote social and emotional enrichment


Grants are generally within a $1,000 to $15,000 range.

A partial list of past grantees may be found here:

Application Overview

The Church Home Society is a tax exempt organization providing grants to 501 (c) (3) non-profit organizations and churches supporting underserved youth. The Church Home Society’s grant making funds initiatives in the areas of leadership training, educational or vocational training, service-oriented community-building projects, or projects which promote healthy living in body, mind, and spirit. Although The Church Home Society is an independent philanthropic organization, we are closely affiliated with the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts and prioritize church-based solutions to empowering youth.

Application Date Schedule

The Society’s Board of Trustees meets monthly during the year, and grants are made at meetings in February, April, and October. In general, approximately eight weeks are required to process proposals, so applications should be filed with the Society for consideration by the fifteenth day of the following months: February 15 for our April meeting, August 15 for our October meeting, and December 15 for our February meeting.