The Church Home Society is an independent non-profit corporation related to the Episcopal Church. Its objective is to provide support to young persons by making financial grants to both religious and secular organizations which work with and/or for young persons, and further to provide support in other ways as the Society may determine to be useful. 




The following general guidelines for grants reflect the Society’s principal areas of interest. The Church Home Society supports programs that:


Seek to support the needs of underserved young persons between the ages of 9 and 25


Involve young persons in the planning and execution of programs


Encourage initiatives or innovative and experimental existing programs, which empower youth, cultivate skills, and encourage healthy living.


* Need funds for start-up, stabilization, or expansion.


Promote ministries that in their aim and execution are compatible with the Christian view of life and society, which values all creation as the work of God and seeks reconciliation and love among human beings. For this reason, the Society prefers supporting human talent rather than providing “hardware” for projects.




Examples of specific areas of interest to the Society include:


* Programs based in or originating from parishes


* Leadership training of youth


* Service-oriented, community-building projects (e.g. paid or volunteer group projects for youth, especially during the summer; youth projects providing assistance to the elderly, handicapped, etc.; youth environmental projects, such as education or cleanup)


*Vocational assistance (e.g., job counseling, employment of youth, group volunteer opportunities)


* Programs which promote healthy living in body, mind and spirit



Applicants are expected to determine the suitability of their requests by completing a Self-Screening Questionnaire online at or by requesting a hard copy from the Church Home Society administrator. A Grant Application Form is also available by request or online.


Applicants are urged to describe details of the program, its goals and its plan, as well as the way to which the program conforms to the grant guidelines of the Society.


The proposal should be submitted and authorized by an existing non-profit organization. If the organization is not a religious institution, a copy of the organization’s tax exemption certificate from the I.R.S. should be enclosed. The Society’s charter and bylaws require that organizations receiving grants must be located within the geographical boundaries of the Diocese of Massachusetts (the portion of Massachusetts east of Worcester County.)


It is important to know the financial details of the applicant’s program and its fiscal agent or sponsor (if any), which includes sharing financial information regarding both current and prospective funding sources. The Society is particularly interested in learning how the Society’s grant monies would be spent within the proposed program’s budget.


Grants by the Society have generally ranged in size from approximately $500 to $10,000.


The Society’s Board of Trustees meets monthly during the year, and grants are made at meetings in April, October, and December. In general, approximately six weeks are required to process proposals, so applications should be filed with the Society by the first day of March, September, and November for consideration at the following meeting.


Grant requests may be submitted online using our Grant Request Form and sending to If preferred, applicants may request a hard copy of the Grant Request Form from the administrator, and return the completed form by mail.  


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